Artists wishing their material to be removed from UGRR playlists please email with your request.

Although we are ASCAP liscenced we realize that this license is not likely to cover the majority of the artists featured on UGRR due to the nature of our format. (The format being mostly independent label and unsigned artists.)

It is not our intention to pirate artist's material!

We feel that we are providing a much needed free service for both artists and fans of underground/independent Hip-Hop music. We provide an alternative from mainstream commercial radio for fans of this genre. We also provide a resource for artists to get the airplay that they are unlikely to recieve from major-label driven, corporate sponsored radio.

Some artists may not want to be featured on UGRR because of the concern that they are not being rightfully compensated for their work. UGRR does not have a budget to directly pay artists (stations don't generally pay artists - they pay organizations such as ASCAP, BMI, etc that in turn pay the artists). But we do give them a place for their music to be heard by their fans which ultimately become the consumers of their recorded material in turn putting dollars in the artist's pockets! Not to mention that much of the material that is being broadcasted on UGRR has been paid for! - in the form of CD's and vinyl! - we don't get it free either!

We are commercial free (with the exception of the ads placed by UGRR's host so therefore we do not generate any revunue from the selling of ads. (Broadcast nor banner.)

Note: I personally know, or are aquainted with people that know, a good deal of the local artists in the NW area and can easily verify the authenticity of any emails that I may recieve asking for removal from UGRR playlists. So don't even try it unless you're the real deal! (-TF)

For more info please inquire at

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