One, two I'm twice as nice like siamese twins//flyin' these M.C.s in the wind//from beginin' to end//alpha and omega//bringin' the heat to ya teeth like Ortega//old schoola like a Rudabegga//breakas and pop lockas//one of thee original block rockas//rap talkas//attitude so bad slap B.A. Barracus//from this part of the map to the Morrocas//I got this//on lock down//I rock towns//from here to Cleveland//leavin' all a the rap heathens//destroyed from the rhymes that i'm breathin'//and all a y'all non-believers//I ain't believin' in non a ya'll either//I just got me, my family, my SWANKS and my skeezers//so step the fuck back//ya wack duck unless ya want ya nuts racked//I bust raps//like muskets on muskrats//