Jélo-Roc LET ME START THIS SHIT... Fri May 8 04:48:44 1998 let me bless this board with a little keystyle delivery …My rhymes twist and bend through space-time//rhymes phatter than Della Reese's waist line//I don't waste time//I get right to it, no microphone check one, two it//when it's time to do it, I just grab the mic and flow fluid//devour the cowards and eat 'em up like a light snack//oh, you don't like that?//well then I suggest you fight back//even though everything you write's wack//your speech impediment's irrelevent//but try sayin' my rhyme out loud just for the hell of it//my shit so funky need mic deodorant for the smell of it//eMCees have been known to get they back bones blown out//left DIStressed, all in a mess, all I hear is eMCees moan out//beggin' for mercy//shouldn't of come wack 'cause I run this track like Jackie Joiner Kersey//I disperse these verses with ease//defeating enemy eMCees endlessly//they know they the loser but pretend it's me//'cause they can't face the shame//that they disgraced they crew's name//I do flame//like dragons that smoke and drink propane//burn you up like Richard Pryor when he was on cocaine//I throw thangs, on fools that proclaim//that they the ish but got no name for no fame//I smack ya, with my verbal venacula//protect ya neck 'cause I'm comin' atcha like Dracula//no escapin' this battle fight//'cause my lyrics transmitted via sattelite//comparin' my rhymes to yours are like comparin' sun light to candle light//I handle mics like I handle my own cock//I'm the microphone jock//been known to rock blocks//and knock socks off//lyrically dance the pants off ya like Barishnakoff//when my rhymes flow correctly//it'll have ya moms boptuse umzeki//technically, she does it out of respect for me//so I let it be, move her booty kinetically//you can ask my medic//my skills are due to my genetics//lyrically inclined//to walk a thin line//between fresh and dopeness//it's hopeless, for you to get wit me even if you quote this//you joke bitch, you must smoke shit//if against me you think you can flow kid//ya trippin', dippin' them sherm sticks//will getcha burned quick//you can't just claim props in Hip-Hop you gotsta earn it//like Amateur Night At Thee Apollo//step up on stage and ya pride ya gotta swallow//and in your case by sandman you'd get followed... peace, Jélo-Roc SwankLife That was off the hook by C.I.K. , Sun May 17 15:09 C.I.K. That was off the hook Sun May 17 15:09:43 1998 Tight. If that really was a keystyle you need to be on wax. Keep writing. PEACE C.I.K.

Mister EightysiXXX!!! Feelin it..... Tue May 12 19:26:34 1998 im feelin it//as if i was twisted//but im not//so what could it be//the spot is hot//lots of tention biuld up//some explosion ready to happen//drama on the streets of my home town//lets make it happen//dont get confused//i got more beats that a child abuser//inlike cole and jed im not a drug user//keep it clean like Saterday cartoons//get my hair done at the bueaty saloon//get my temparary done//go to a show and have some fun//the goodie is here on Monday//gots to go get ready....peace... Some corrections need to be made... by C.I.K. , Sun May 17 15:01 C.I.K. Some corrections need to be made... Sun May 17 15:01:07 1998 Beauty salon does not rhyme with cartoon. It rhymes with Milan. Some of the rhymes were weak, but some were pretty tight. You just need to practice more. Peep my shit located above you'res to see how it's done. PEACE C.I.K. Re: Some corrections need to be made... by Jélo-Roc , Sun May 17 15:39 Jélo-Roc Re: Some corrections need to be made... Sun May 17 15:39:23 1998 he said beauty saloon, not salon...so therfore it does rhyme with cartoon. he knows that it is called a beauty salon not saloon he was just making fun of the famous quote by E-40 in the movie Rhyme and Reason where E-40 mispronounces beauty salon and calls it beauty saloon... peace, Jélo-Roc SwankLife OK by C.I.K. , Sun May 17 15:45 C.I.K. OK Sun May 17 15:45:11 1998 Sorry I just figured that it was a mistake. I've never seen that movie. Thanks for the correction bro. PEACE C.I.K.

Jélo-Roc, 2 Fingaz & 86 SWANKLIFE COLLAB Sun May 17 21:48:49 1998 Jélo-Roc: ...Yo, SwankLife artists finna start this//not to be modest//but we on some god shit//destroying interdimensional lyricists//that step into our midst//mic in my fist, I hold it tight//talkin' shit on eMCees like Dolemite//travel at intense speeds like solar light//this fellow Jélo rocks//get funky like athlete's feet and yellow socks//me, 86 and 2fingz bring things to the table//like waiters servin' the elderly and disabled//last line was weak//but anyhing that I speak//is infinately better than any competitor that tries to compete//let me introduce you to Game-One AKA 2 Fingaz the tweek... 2 Fingaz: 2 fingaz fo sho,but ya call me a tweek// wheres ya brothaz baseball shirt, ya fat ass geek//but thats o.k., I still give ya love,if I was back in prison you would be my love// so when tha napalm smoke clears// its me that ya fear // look over ya shoulder// dont forget tha beer// Im always drinkin// and steady talkin trash// Ill put it on ya just like a fukkin gay bash//terminate ya life form as if I was raid//iliterate eMceez alwayz get sprayed// the over weight busters runnin their necks// got Mr. 2 fingaz ready ta put em in check// so let me take a time out before I go into rage// two dead fakers read on tha front page//86 iz on his way so let me depart from within// oh yeah taking a homies girl iz a sin. Mister EightysiXXX: my lyrics are intense//you put up your ryme for defense//you got no sense like common//i'll cook you like top roman//in two minutes//your done//this is just for fun//if it was real//i would have to kill// any emcee that stepped to me//i got you more shook then epalipsy//got ya dizzy like gillepse//you mad cuz i dont want to take yo broad/Just Over Itoxecated//never mattered to me// but its all good//cuz im clean//like clearasil//my format is all that//just sit back and enjoi the ride.... Jélo-Roc: Jélo-Roc is back once again//with me and my superfriends//that make super ends...just playin' Jélo-Roc...2Fingaz...Mr. 86 SWANK LIFE CREW collab? by DjMadDoNe , Thu May 28 18:09 DjMadDoNe collab? Thu May 28 18:09:25 1998 yo, y'all should have let me know bout this one...it was tight...swanklizzy....swanklizzy.... Madd1-to-the-two Swanklife Crew it wasn't tight... by Jélo-Roc , Thu May 28 18:21 Jélo-Roc it wasn't tight... Thu May 28 18:21:22 1998 it wasn't tight...quit tryin to big up your own crew...geeesh! ...well my part was tight though! anyways it wasn't planned they were at my house and i asked them if they wanted to put up some lyrics with me...you had to be here...but i do wanna collab with you email me with a topic and we'll work on it...peace

Jélo-Roc "MINERAL WATER" Mon May 18 16:23:54 1998 ...Facts, my mind checks//and rejects//those of no consequence//that do not follow the laws of true science//everything is governed by mathematics//can be broken down into geometrical schematics//religious fanatics//claim that this is god's will//but god still//made the law that he too has to follow//this is hard for many religious scholars to swallow//we are all sinnas//even though god is within us//god is within the ground we walk on, god is within the air we breathe//god is within the smallest of particles broken down into infinate degrees//we evolved from simians that may have swung through the trees//that evolved from amphibians that may have swum in the sea//this is no new revalation, all this evolution followed strict mathematical equations//so why you out here star gazin'//I'm practicin' mental stimulation//not to say I'm enlightened//but I'm on the right path leavin' the 10% frightened//electricity, flows through my cerebral vicinity, like lightnin'//my third eye is three quarters awake//when the last quarter partakes//all thoughts of ignorance are at stake... PEACE Ser-Jélo-Roc-Ski S.W.A.N.K.L.I.F.E. Searching With A New Knowledge Leaving Ignorant Fools Enlightened Nice... by C.I.K. , Thu May 21 18:07 C.I.K. Nice... Thu May 21 18:07:50 1998 That was pretty good. You have nice rhymes and content PEACE C.I.K. Re: "MINERAL WATER" by mr86 , Thu May 21 15:16 mr86 Re: "MINERAL WATER" Thu May 21 15:16:45 1998 lovely and tight keep em comin bro.........

Mister EightysiXXX!!! just a feelin....not neces sarah lee.. Wed May 20 04:18:56 1998 i got ya on a mental bankruptcy//it will take you seven years to get back at me//the force of my verbals//got you runnin like gerbles//in a fast pase//your styles are a disgrace//I got ya lookin uglyier that Whoopie Goldburgs face//now thats ugly//you startin to bug me//like a rouch// you dug your own grave now let go ot the rope//drop the casket and barrie ya alive//eleven take away sixxx = 5//5+81=86//thats me the one who is in the mix//im layin in a cut like peroxide//i keep it on the low//i never highside//like 3 times//we rymes//like leanne i dont give a damn//oh yeah were is sam//aint seen him in awhile//he stayin in malino//what for i dont know//he needs to get to portland and do another show//like the fist anual rose city amatuer night//so you better be there and dont be late//and by the way come in peace dont player hate!!!! Mister EightysiXXX!!!!{}XXXX{}::::::::::::::=- Rose City by DjMadDoNe , Thu May 28 18:03 DjMadDoNe Rose City Thu May 28 18:03:00 1998 keep it bangin'...love that Rose City Amatuer Night line....yeeeaahh speaking of... by Jélo-Roc , Thu May 21 18:14 Jélo-Roc speaking of... Thu May 21 18:14:35 1998 speaking of the "Rose City Amateur Night" go to the following link to see what it's all about... http://members.aol.com/opprtnty2/rose.html That was bangin' by C.I.K. , Thu May 21 18:03 C.I.K. That was bangin' Thu May 21 18:03:22 1998 I felt you're repeating rhymes and shit. That was dope. Keep writing. PEACE C.I.K.