Hip-Hop    Definitions

Hip-Hop a style of music, dance & art originating among inner-city youths of the late 1970's, it is officially comprised of the 4 elements; turntablism, B-Boying, MCing & graffiti art, also loosly associated with style of clothing, slang & mannerisms.

break dancing[< break beat+dance] a style of Hip-Hop dance engaged in by youths, originally Peurto Rican & African Americans, involving acrobatic movements, spinning about on the head or shoulders, etc.
[< break beat+boy] one who breakdances, also a generic term for anyone involved in Hip-Hop, coined by Kool Herc.
B-Girl the female counterpart of B-Boy.
breaker[< break beat] one who dances to the break beat in a song, a break dancer, B-Boy/Girl.

turntablism[< turntable] a style of Hip-Hop music involving mixing, scratching & juggling, etc.; the art of using the turntable as a musical instrument.
turntablist[< turntable] one who practices turntablism, a DJ.
DJ[< (D)isc (J)ockey] the same as turntablist.