IconTact *FreeStyle Fanatics Rules* Mon Sep 20 06:26:34 1999 the rules are simple...just post the tightest original lyrics you can muster...prewritten or "keystyle/freestyle" whatever...ONLY post lyrics and responses to lyrics...NO BS..or your post will be deleted. IconTact SwankLife WebMaster http://members.tripod.com/~swanklife/index.html NO B.S HERE LiL pLeZa, Wed Nov 3 08:34 Spread on MC's n8deez, Mon Oct 11 00:49 Re: Spread on MC's MOSESGUN, Mon Oct 11 04:18 Re: Spread on MC's IconTact, Mon Oct 11 01:23 LiL pLeZa NO B.S HERE Wed Nov 3 08:34:15 1999 THERE AINT NO BS HERE/SO NIGGA WHEN I FREESTYLE NIGGAZ BEST FEAR/I COME LYRICALY EQUPT/BYTCHES TEST WIT THEY KEYSTYLE AND THEY GET RIPPED/CUZ I STRAPP MY STRAPPS/WHEN I COMES TO WAR/I BUST OFF MY CAPPS/IN OTHER WORDS MY FREESTYLE RAPPS/SO NOW PERHAPS/NIGGA AINT FUCK WIT THE pLeZa/SO THROW YA RAPPZ UP/AND WACK NIGGA SHUT THE FUCK UP/STR8 UP