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Welcome to SwankLife's Bombers' Lounge. Here you will find interviews, articles & other graffiti related shit, written by the SwankLife Graf Writer Collective, also known as Above Society, including articles by Pest-Oner!. Also featuring info on local graf happenings, writers & crews. Here you will also find, as soon as we get access to a scanner, graf pics and sketches. If you have any pics you would like posted on this page please email them to us. Don't forget to include pertitent info such as, when, where & who it was done by plus who was the photographer.

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"graf•fi•to (gre fet'o) n., pl. -fi'ti (-e) [It., a scribbling < graffio, a scratch < L. graphium: see ff.] an inscription, slogan, drawing, etc. crudely scratched or scribbled on a wall or other public surface"
-Webster's NewWorld Dictionary

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